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Translation Agency “Planet of Translations” is the company founded in 1998 under the International Association of Translators and Philologists. This Association is an independent public organization created for protection of rights and legal interests of its members as well as permanent and timely presentation of information on complying with rules and procedures connected with consular legalization, putting of Apostille, written and oral translation of the documents both in Ukraine and in the territory of all the other states.  

That’s why our Translation Agency is priority in the occupied sphere. We always have exact and available information for our customers related to certified and quick procedure of document preparation. All our company employees can give you free advice concerning procedure, value and fulfilment term both by telephone and directly in our office.  

You can send the documents for preparation (legalization, Apostille, translation) at our address by any comfortable way (registered mail, messenger service or e-mail) if you stayed in the other city or abroad. Quality of rendered services, attitude towards customers, short terms and the most favourable prices entitled us to be the best company in the area of document translation and legalization for any customers: for the natural persons who prepare the documents with a view to departure abroad and for the legal entities who prepare the documents with a view to open representative offices or conduct the other commercial activity both in the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

 Translation Agency “Planet of Translations” renders services on translation of texts and documents of legal, economical, medical, technical and artistic subject areas. Translated material can be presented for the customers directly in our office, by e-mail or delivered by the messenger. Distance is not problem for us. Your order will be done in time and with a high quality irrespective of your location. 



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(044) 501-94-68

(096) 947-80-30 (31)



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