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There are the certain states which didn’t become by members of Hague Convention dated October 05, 1961 abrogating legalization procedure of the documents.

Generally, these states are Arab and African, Canada, etc. With a view to legalize the document in the Consular Section of appropriate country, it is necessary to put the seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before. And it is necessary to put the seal of the Ministry of Justice before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This kind of service is the most complicated and constitutive because every country advances own demands in respect of document preparation. Having wide experience in the field of translations and jurisprudence our employees provide a free consultation concerning appropriate procedure of document legalization and Apostille depending on the country where these documents are going to be used. It is necessary to know the terms, rules and conditions of the stamping as well as issuing and certifying authorities. Please, pay attention that many companies propose you to put maximal number of seals that can take much more time and reduce to extra charges for you. You can be sure in our experience and qualification.



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